We live and work local, we are not an out of state company!
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Contact James at (six two six) 840-2273
by email James Wiseman Notary Public
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The Traveling Notary
Have Seal - Will Travel

James' commission expires December 2, 2022 ////////// Jon's commission expires September 11, 2021

Who we are and What we do
Hello, my name is James Wiseman, and I am the owner of the traveling notary and Apostille service.
I have worked as a traveling notary public for over 13 years in Pasadena,California and now I have a new notary , Jon Southwell, working with me in the Burbank / Glendale area offering local services and local fees to that area the same as I do for Pasadena.
We can handle all your notary and apostille needs, we can even take care of your apostille if it needs to go to Washington.
Who We Are
We are state commissioned public officer's Licensed, Bonded and Insured to work in the state of California which means a professional of verified integrity appointed by the government.
A public officer for the State of California who acts as an impartial unbiased witness.
What We Do
We verify peoples identity, administer oaths, certify documents for document custodians, and notarize any document where a notary signature is required by law such as a proof of life for retirement benifits.
We can notarize any document you want notarized like a bill of sale or a contract, a rental or lease agreement or anything you want that would verify someones identity as a signer.
  • I specialize in Trust documents and I have completed hundreds for attorneys and individuals all over Los Angeles area from the beach to the desert and almost every city in between.
  • Power Of Attorney(P.O.A.), Parental consent to travel for a minor, HIPAA waiver (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), Advance Health Care Directive, proof of life for foreign countries and more.
    We travel to hospitals and nursing homes so there is no need to worry about not having one or thinking its too late to get it done last minute, just call us and we come to you.
    We will never charge you more just for going to a hospital or nursing facility. The travel fee is based on distance not whether or not someone is in a desperate situation, to us that is deplorable.
  • Subordination, Non-Disturbance, and Attornment Agreements(SNDA) for commercial properties. We have and will meet with clients no matter where it is, a high rise, a low rise, a construction site, a house, on a movie set or sound stage, an office, a coffe shop, even in restaurants. We will go where ever you need us to go for the benefit of you or your client and rest assured
    We have traveled to commercial properties to get the required amount of SNDA signatures even when there are 100's of tenants and multiple buildings.
  • We have the power to administer oaths or affirmations such as swear you in and confirm your identity for Telephonic Hearing depositions from other states and Proctor services and we have even sat in and recorded secret ballots for corporations as an impartial third party.
  • We are hired by attorneys, banks, mortgage companies, title companies, and directly by home owners to help complete loan documents. We work in two capacities when it comes to a loan signing.
    First as a notary public. We notarize every signature on all of the documents that are required to ensure your loan closes.
    Second as a loan signing agent where we make sure every page in the loan package is filled out correctly before being returned, which means initials and signatures even if they are not notarized.
    We take our time with you the signer, so that you are happy and at ease without feeling rushed because we know that this could be one of the biggest investments in your life.

If you need an Apostille or state certification as well as your documents notarized or if you just needApostille or Certification Service we can take care of that. Who better to trust with documents going to the Secretary of State than a Notary Public hired by the S.O.S.!
Why trust and let a company not even from California handle your important documents that require California verification!
Why mail your documents in and hope they are done correctly? They end up calling notaries like us to complete the job for them!
I am at the Secretary Of State's office every week filing Apostilles and Certifications and I know if your document is done correctly before going, no guess work. If it needs to be certified on a federal level, we can do that for you also.
To find out more please go to the Apostille Service page for all prices and questions you may have regarding what an Apostille or state certification is.
Refer to Common Questions for more information as to the types of documents we sign that I did not list here but mainly, if it asks for you to have a notary signature or they say you need a notary present we can sign it, or witness it.
You will be surprised we are really not that expensive considering we fight traffic so you do not have to!
The best thing about our service is no matter what service you need be it Notary or Apostille,
We come to you.
You do not have to worry about getting a baby sitter, taking extra time off work, leaving work early because of traffic to get somewhere, trying to get someone with limited mobility from their home, your at a hospital or at a assisted living or nursing facility.

We come to you so there is no rushing or worrying about it getting done that day. We can meet you in your office during regular hours or during your lunch or at a break, or discretely near your work so you never have to leave or go far, maybe at a coffee shop, or an outside patio.
We come to you or meet you at your doctor's office, your attorneys, your in laws house, or where ever you need so you have less to stress over.
We come to you and go for you when you need to get an Apostille from the State and you do not have the time or want the hassle, or maybe you don't want to worry about your documents such as a birth certificate getting lost or stolen.
Who needs extra Stress!
When hired as a Notary Public we make sure you feel comfortable and by our having confidence in knowing how to do our job, you can relax without feeling pressured. We do not rush you during your signing so you do not have to worry about the next person in line or if we have to go to another appointment.
When you hire us as a Loan Signing Agent you will not have to worry about incomplete documents preventing a closing.
I believe that purchasing a home is a big deal and no one should feel rushed even when time is an issue so we make sure the job is done correctly the first time without wasting time. We are there to help your client feel relaxed and at ease about what they are signing and you can relax because we are not learning the ropes with your clients loan docs, I know what I am doing and I made sure my fellow notary does as well.
My goal is to help you and your client close the deal with ease and confidence in a timely manner which is why I do not overlap our schedules to squeeze in one more client.
Why choose to do business with me?
  • I have been working as Notary Public for over 7 years and know what I am doing and I make sure my fellow notary Jon does as well. I did not just help him get his license and say good luck like some bigger companies do, he works with me and for my business success and his.
  • We do not charge crazy fees like there is no one else as good, I charge a fair and honest wage.
  • We take this job very serious no matter who the client is or how "famous" they may be.
  • We refuse to charge you more because you need me to come to a hospital! We both find this to be a despicable act when notaries do this and I ask you to report them to the Secretary of State for being an untrustworthy representative of the state.
  • I have worked for most of the attorneys in Pasadena and nearby area's and I have earned their trust by being honest, professional, and on time. They have sent me all over Los Angeles and now with another notary working with me we can cover even more territory without charging extra.
  • I have had many attorneys from Los Angeles, Beverly hills and Hollywood use me for their high profile clients because I take my job seriously and consider every clients privacy, respect and time a priority.
  • We do not charge crazy travel fees to local attorneys and business and have reduced fees for all repeat customers.
  • We perform loan signing's at a reasonable rate because we are our own boss and we live and work in the area. We do not live in another state or work for a corporation who then has to try and find a signer for you.
  • The fees for a loan document signing are based on document size, travel time-(distance), and document printing not how we are feeling that day or what you do for a living.
  • We are patient which helps you relax because we believe your time as well as ours is valuable.
  • Your foot is broke, your back hurts, you have limited mobility, you have a new born, your hair is a mess, or maybe just maybe, you are just tired and do not want to leave the comfort of your house one more time that day.
  • You cannot handle rushing around to some place just to wait in a line after taking a number and to be treated like you are just the next number.
  • I have never had a complaint, dissatisfied client or rejected closing and I plan on helping my fellow notary working with me to achieve the same goal.

Please call to schedule a notary, trust signing or loan signing at a local reduced rate
James (626)840-2273
I can meet you at any local location if it is more convenient for you or maybe because you are visiting the area or a miriad of other reasons.
I have a few local locations where I meet people on a regular basis in East Pasadena, West Pasadena, and also in Sierra Madre, and you can meet me at one of those if it is convient for you.
My regular hours are between 9:00am to 6:00pm but I do make appointments before and after these hours depending on the hour and location. Travel fees go up after 6 pm and are dependent on the hour requested, as they go up again after 8pm.
Jon (323) 428-7687
My regular hours are between 9:00am to 6:00pm also and I do make appointments before and after these hours depending on the hour and location. I also have some local locations I can meet people at when it is more convenient for you, your office does not allow visitors, or maybe because you are just visiting the area.
Our local areas we are normally in and travel too
The local area for James is
Pasadena, South Pasadena, Altadena, Sierra Madre, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Garvanza,
Monrovia, Montrose, La Canada, Temple City, Alhambra
The local area for Jon is
Glendale, Burbank, Studio City, Toluca lake, North Hollywood, Hollywood, Valley Village
We will go anywhere and James is frequently in and around the downtown Los Angeles area during the week.
We travel to any city even those outside our local area so please feel free to call and ask if you are unsure if it is going to be in the local area price range.
Travel Fees For Notary Services Only Prices For Loan Signing Services
Within local area
Ranging from $10.00
up to $30.00
inquire for other areas $35.00-$50.00
A Local Area Signing Starting at $110
up to $200
Out Of My Local Area Starts at $150 and goes up.
Apostille and state certification prices start at $100.00 with no notary service and without same day return service. Prices change if you do need them the same day or if the documents are mailed in or dropped off.
All our prices are inclusive with no extra charges after the fact.
Apostlle page

Please go here for more answers and information as to what an apostille is.

Prices Page.

Please vist the prices page to see a more in depth breakdown of prices for everything if you already understand what an apostille is.
Telephonic Hearing depositions have different state fees than notary fees.
Government code 8211.
(c) For all services rendered in connection with the taking of any deposition, the sum of twenty dollars ($20), and in addition thereto, the sum of five dollars ($5) for administering the oath to the witness and the sum of five dollars ($5) for the certificate to the deposition.

Notary fees are set by the state at $15.00 per signature we witness and no notary can charge more for this service.
A notary can only charge extra for travel or other fees such as after hours or e-document printing related to loan packages.

The Borrower, you, actually gets to choose the notary you want to use for your loan signing as well so if you have a favorite notary you use you can hire them yourself.

BEWARE! There is a trend of out of town Loan signing / notary companies over charging for loans and notaries who end up calling us. They try and find someone to do it for much less than they charged you which means an in-experienced loan signer or notary practicing on you! We will not work for these companies because they do not know California state law and end up breaking the law which makes your loan or notary get rejected. I am not new at this I do not need the experience, I am experienced which means your loan goes through and Jon is just as capable as I am. Hire a local notary yourself because California Notaries know California notary laws, a Florida and or New Jersey company does not.

I know my job and take it very serious so you have less to worry about.
We ask that you please respect our time and the other clients by trying to keep all appointment times and at least giving us adequate notice if canceling your scheduled appointment or you are going to be late.

This page and all its contents are written and edited by me.
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